Oct 29

Many people today are valuing self and their bodies higher than their soul. The body will soon die and it will be buried in the ground, but the soul will live forever. The following are a few questions to ask yourself – to show which you value higher:

1. Before you head out to work, which do you spend more time on? Do you put breakfast for the body before prayer and reading for the soul?

2. On Sundays, what do you spend more time on? Do you spend more time getting your soul ready for meetings or feeding and dressing your body?

3. Are you spending more money on unnecessary things for the flesh, or buying quality devotional books, or taking a week off to go to special meetings?

4. When you are running late for work, or an appointment, which do you leave undone? Food for the body or food for the soul?

5. Which do you spend more time doing? Hobbies that please you or witnessing to the lost? Which pleases the Lord?

6. When is the last time you gave up time for food to spend more time with the Lord? And when was the last time you gave up time that you should have been spending with the Lord to spend more time for self and the body?

7. When is the last time you fasted?

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One Response to “Which Do You Esteem Higher?”

  1. 1. julie Says:

    this was very thought provoking
    thank you

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