Jul 09

Protected ModeSo you got some Kid off of Kijiji to Unlock your iPhone for $20? Or perhaps you bought an used 3G/3GS iPhone and were told it was “Unlocked”. Did they tell you your GPS is now broken, or your warranty is void, or not to restore your iPhone?

Well if you have a 3G or 3GS iPhone that has been Unlocked by upgrading the Modem Firmware to 6.15.00, here is the truth on the matter.

If you unknowingly tried to restore your iPhone it will more than likely broken beyond your ability to repair. Even most PC techs are not going to know how to fix this and even those that have the instructions in front of them will have a hard time dealing with the problems.

Here are the steps to get you out. I just finished fixing a recovery mode error on a 3GS for a customer. It cost him $30.

1. Download the 4.3.3 IPSW for your iPhone model.

2. Download and install sn0wbreeze for the PC platform or Pwnagetool for the Mac and build a custom IPSW. If you don’t have a SIM for the original Carrier then you will need to check Hactivation.

3. Put the iPhone in pwned DPU mode. I used RedSn0w 0.9.6rc16 to do this.

4. Do a Shift-Restore (PC) or Option-Restore in iTunes and restore the custom IPSW.

5. Put iPhone in DFU mode and run fixrecovery.

6. Activate your iPhone on iTunes. Here you will need a SIM card from the original carrier. If you don’t have a SIM from the original Carrier you will have needed to check Hacktivation when you build your custom IPSW so you can bypass the Activation process.

If you do Hacktivate your iPhone you should run the Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) app which simulates an official SIM card ID (ICCID) and IMSI so that notifications will work. You will find the SAM app by doing a search in Cydia on your iPhone. You may need to add the Bingner Source to Cydia before you can find SAM via a Cydia search.

I have an active SIM and microSIM for the top 5 Canadian Carriers (Bell, Fido, Rogers, Telus, and Virgin) so that I don’t have to Hacktivate a phone to activate it.

Many of the kids on Kijiji that Unlock your phone use Hacktivation as they won’t have the original Carriers SIM and many of them don’t fix notifications.

And people wonder by I tell them not to 6.15 there iPhone! And no I have never 6.15′ed a iPhone in my life. But I have fixed a few of them that were 6.15′ed and then broken when some one unwittingly did a Restore.

7. On your jailbroken iPhone tap the Cydia app and from inside Cydia search for the Ultrasn0w app and install it.

Yes, you have to do this every time you update the iOS on your iPhone after you unlock it with the 6.15.00 baseband.

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