Sep 10

1. Hear a person out that is correcting you, unless they are accusing you of something that is not true. In the case of being falsely accused, you should clearly state that you consider what they are saying is false and that they don’t have their facts correct. If the person doesn’t stop when you tell them this and ask what the facts are as you see it, then you have a problem on your hands. People that continue to try to correct you based on the information you have just told them are wrong and are showing immaturity and you may want to bow out of the conversation by asking that the issue be dealt with at a different time and with an additional party to moderate.

2. Don’t point out the faults of the person that is correcting you. If you feel like they need to be corrected, you will have to do that later. When they are correcting you, it is not the time to correct them.

3. You need to be willing to be corrected by a sinner, someone that has less grace than you, and even someone that has the same problem they are correcting you for.

4. Make sure you have no resentment or bitterness in your heart toward those that correct you. If you are tempted to have wrong feelings toward someone that has corrected you, contact someone of the same gender that has a sin-free experience and is known to have wisdom and ask them to give you some council and to pray with you. Pray until you have full victory.

5. If you feel like you were corrected wrongly, don’t gossip to others about it, but seek God as to what you should do about it. Keep in mind that when you have done right and you suffer for it and take it patiently this is acceptable with God (1Pet 2:20). Jesus suffered many false charges and you need to be willing to bear this for the Lord also.

6. If someone corrects you in a wrong manner, make a mental note of where they were wrong and make sure you never repeat that same mistake. I have found that some of the best lessons I have learned have been from the hand of those dealt with me unscripturally.

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