Jun 02

Offended ManTime can soften the hearts of those we have offended or of those who have committed offences toward us.

We should alway give time for God work and never be in a big rush to clear up the faults and failures of others. It is the Lord’s will that the love of God be spread abroad in our heart and that we have unfeigned love from ALL the brethren.

While from time to time the brethren may disappoint us, we must remember we are all a product of our environment and none of us are above faults, failures, and needs.

We must always deal with one another in meekness and in the way we want others to deal with us.

When offenses come it is a time to search your own soul and to root out the offenses that you find there.

It truly is a blessing when we can take the bad examples around us and put the judgment on ourselves that we are tempted to put on them and the excuses we have been making for our own lacks we can give to them.

It truly is the grace of God that can instill this principle in our hearts and faithfully remind us with each new offence that there is little value in judging others but much value in judging ourselves.

It is so hard to see our own offenses but oh so clear we can see the offenses of others especially when they are committed against us.

It must be our prayer that the offenses of others will be building blocks and tools to further put off the words of the flesh and to be shaped more into the glorious image of precious Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The very core of the Gospel is to love with unfeigned love those that commit offenses against you. To love the unlovely, the carnal, those that do you wrong, and those that refuse to correct their errors.

Jesus, the greatest moral teacher that every lived, sealed his short three-year ministry as a servant to mankind by freely giving his life for those that hatred him. What a glorious example for us to follow. Thank you Jesus.

Let us pray that we will do to others as we would have them to do us and remember as we do unto others we are doing unto Jesus. Let us seek to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength and our unsaved and saved neighbor as ourself.

Let us judge this one thing that we will do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly before God and man. That we will not be partial, intolerance, or act toward others in a way that is unfitting for a Christian.

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