Dec 09

I read a chapter from Melody’s book ““No Compromise-The Life Story of Keith Green“, which gives her account of what happened at the Last Days Ministry community when Keith read a chapter from Finnny’s Lectures on Revival about breaking up your fallow ground.

This happening was referred to at the Last Days Ministry community as “The Revival”. Keith had been up all night praying and repenting after reading Finnny’s article “How to Promote a Revival”.

The next day he started waking people up at 6am and called a meeting at the community school-house, where he read the chapter and called them all to repentance.

After I read the account of “The Revival” at Last Days Ministry, I read Finney’s article from his book Lectures on Revival. I also looked up and read the two-part lecture that was printed in the Independent of New York newspaper at the time the lectures were given. The article in Finney’s book has much more detail than the two newspaper articles, but reading all three will be a blessing to you.

While there are many positions that Finny held that I do not agree with, and some of the terms he uses would not be the ones I would use, this article had a very powerful effect on my heart when I read it this morning. I trust that it will be a blessing to those who will take the time to read it and follow his instructions.

These articles will be especially good for those who are new to the free-from-sin teaching or have grown lukewarm in their Christian experience. For those who have not embraced the free-from-sin teaching, this is a very good place to start.

When I left the Restoration group about 4 months ago, I went through a process very similar to this, and did a lot of repenting over things like buying an expensive living room suite, a stock investment where I lost quite a bit of the Lord’s money, the judgmental spirit and harsh way of writing about those who disagreed with the doctrine of holiness, and a number of other areas in my life.

While I have not taken the time to go through the Break Up Your Fallow Ground exercise fully, the Lord has already put his finger on a number of places in my life where I have been slothful and lazy, and not as careful as I should have been in dealing with work I have received from clients.

I trust you will enjoy this series of posts.

1. Excerpt from Melody’s book No Compromise-The Life Story of Keith Green
2. How to Promote a Revival from Lectures on Revival
3. Two newspaper articles from the Independent, from the original lectures.
a) Break Up Your Fallow Ground
b) When Is the Fallow Ground of the Soul Broken Up?

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3 Responses to “No Compromise-The Life Story of Keith Green”

  1. 1. Liza Says:

    I loved Keith and saw him in concert many times, but you have to be careful of Finney’s teachings. Although repentance is a good thing, Finney did not believe in original sin (calling it an anti-scriptural and nonsensical dogma) or substitutionary atonement (saying it rests on a fiction). Those are key items in my book.

    For an in depth history and critique of Finney’s beliefs see this video from the White Horse Inn on youtube called Charles Finney and American Revivalism.

    [Ed. The above links were removed due to the site clearly misrepresents Finney's doctrinal position in its claim that "the view of Christ as saving us by example and that is exactly what where where Finney is lead".]

    I graduated from ORU so I am familiar with the dangers of mixing truth and error.


  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Liza; I am aware of some of the errors of Finney’s like his not believing in original sin and his holding to some of the Calvinistic doctrines like Perseverance of the Saints.

    At the same time he was used of God in a mighty way for the saving of souls and held a high standard of personal piety. I have also benefited by some of his writings in my personal walk with the Lord.

    Added: I removed the link to the video as LaneCh misrepresents Finney right at the very beginning of the video. LaneCh states that “if Adam leads us into sin not by our inheriting his guilty and corruption but by following his poor example that leads logically to the view of Christ as saving us by example and that is exactly what where where Finney is lead.”

    This statement is not factual. Finney was never led to the position that Christ saves us by example. Finney clearly taught we are saved not by the example of Christ but by the merits of his death and resurrection.

    While I strongly disagree with Finney on his stand on original sin I also strongly disagree with the Calvinistic TULIP teaching that LaneCh teaches and I hold it is a deplorable thing to misrepresent others. While I hope LaneCh didn’t do this willfully it would appear to me that if a person took a simple perusal of Finney’s Systematic Theology they would quickly see that Finney held that we are saved by the merit of the death and resurrection of Christ not by his example.

  3. 3. Brandon Says:

    Check out this website:

    The false doctrine of being born a sinner is something that has held the church back for too long from being all that God wants.

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