Aug 21

All forward moves to do better spiritually must be supported by an increase in spiritual fervency. When we move into enemy territory we need a supply line, just like in the natural. If we try to move forward without this support line, we will soon find ourselves unable to hold the new ground we have taken and will find ourselves in a spiritual retreat. This brings not only lost spiritual ground, but this will hurt our faith and make it even harder to mount our next forward move.

Prayer, Bible reading and fasting are all weapons you can use to support your forward move to gain spiritual ground. Reading the Word produces faith (Rom 10:17). Fervent Holy Spirit praying produces faith (Jud 1:20). Some victories will require prayer and fasting (Mat 17:21) to win the day.

Questions to consider:
When is the last time you felt like you gained some spiritual ground in your Christian experience?
Have you ever gained ground, only to loose it again later?
Do you believe it is God’s will for you to gain spiritually?
Are you going to be serious and move forward and gain ground this week?

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2Pet 3:18

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