Oct 16

I was just thinking this morning, wouldn’t it be wonderful if every Christian could put it in their heart to win one soul for Jesus this year?

To lead one soul to Christ, follow up and disciple them, help them get established and then put in the new Christian’s heart the desire to win one soul for Jesus in the coming year.

Most of us have lots of relatives that we can contact and work with. We all have neighbors that we should know by name and be praying for. We all have the friends and acquaintances that we grew up with. We all have friends that are in the worldly denominations that we came out of. We go to many stores and know different clerks and have many chances to talk to people. Those of us that work have fellow workers and interact with many different people in our work day.

I would like to challenge you to make a list of all your relatives, neighbors, those you grew up with, those from worldly denominations and those we deal with as we shop and work.

Take this list and start praying for them first thing each morning. But first, perhaps you need to pray for yourself. Pray that God will give you a deep soul burden – that you can’t get out from underneath. You may even need to start by repenting for your prayerlessness for the lost, your disobedience to great commission (Mat 28:19, 20), and the coldness of your soul toward those that will soon wake up in hell fire (Luk 6:23), and would be sure to accuse you for not constraining them to be saved if they saw you at the judgment seat.

The Gospel calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mar 12:31) and to do unto others as we would have them do unto us (Luk 6:31). Part of pure religion is to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction (Jas 1:27). If we show our love to Christ in the way we help others (Mat 25:40) then how much do we love Christ. We visit, help, and love those that love us but this the publicans do also (Mat 5:46).

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