Oct 17

The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; Mat 9:37

Established Christians are called by the Word of God to go out into the world to lead sinners, backsliders, and the religiously deceived to Christ.

The call is to teach them to “observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”, with the promise “lo, I am with you always” (Mat 28:20).

This is not just for street meetings on Friday nights, but this is to be the Christian’s way of life. We are to go out praying each day with a heart felt burden for souls, with the prayer that the Lord will help us find someone that we can help.

The leading of souls to Christ is more than just sharing the gospel message with people, getting them to say the “sinner’s prayer”, and having them start attending your fellowship.

This work is not for those that are prayerless, careless, and still struggling with sin. This work is for those that are living a Christ like, Christ centered, Christ honoring, sin-free, consecrated and devoted life to Jesus.

The carnal, lukewarm, disobedient, and backslidden in heart that are filled with their own ways will only hinder a person’s coming to Christ. No one can lead souls higher than they are themselves. They will not teach godly sorrow, repentance (2Cor 7:10), and the commitment to forsake all sin (Luk 14:33), as requirements of salvation – for they don’t posses this themselves.

In fact, those religious professers – that are disobedient and are struggling with sin – will cause more harm than good to those they try to lead to Christ. They will not be gathering people to Christ, but they will, in fact, scatter prospective converts from Christ (Mat 12:30).

In the Lord’s harvest field, the grain is plenteous and white to harvest (Joh 4:35), and qualified laborers truly are few (Mat 9:37). The call is to pray that the Lord to send forth laborers.


– When is the last time you were so burdened for the lost that you wept before the Lord?
– Are you in a spiritual condition where God can use you to lead souls to Christ?
– Are you praying for the salvation of your neighbors, co-workers, and relatives?
– Do you have a stock of tracts, booklets, and Bibles with you at all times?

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