Jul 23

Find My iPhoneIt is pretty easy to set up the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone. Everyone should do it, it’s free.

You will really be glad you setup this feature when you misplace your iDevice.

Click the Continue reading link for instructions and to see a picture showing where Find My iPhone says my iPhone is.

Find My iPhone Setup

Here are the steps.

1. Setup Passcode Lock and Auto-Lock — Setup your iPhone so that it has a Passcode Lock and a Auto-Lock. You can have your Auto-Lock set up for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or never minutes. I have mine set for 2 minutes. Make sure you record you Passcode somewhere so you don’t forget it.
Settings–>General–>Passcode Lock

2. Create Apple ID — If you have not already created an Apple ID do that now.

3. Add MobileMe Account to your iPhone — Add your MobileMe account to your iPhone and turn it on.
Settings–>Add Account–>mobileme–>

4. Test — Test to make sure it is work.

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