Jun 05

Anthony AlaiAnthony Alai, an ex-Shia Muslim, shares how he was converted by reading the Bible. He started reading the Bible with the purpose to convert his Christian friends.

Anthony was shocked with what he found in Matthew chapter five where Christ called people to have purity from the heart and mind.

It was there in Matthew that the teachings of Christ on sin brought conviction to his soul. He found the teachings that if you had lust you had committed adultery already and if you let anger take root in your heart you were a murder. He saw that he was a adulterer and a murder by the Christian standard.

He saw that he was not more righteous than his Christian friends but that he was a sinner before the eyes of God.

Anthony share in the below audio the many misconceptions that Muslims hold concerning Christianity and share the mind set of a Muslim.

From this audio interview I gained an understanding of the important to get Muslims to read the New Testament and how the many misconceptions a Muslim holds need to be explained.

My Conversion From Islam To Orthodox Christianity – Part 1

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This audio is hosted on Ancient Faith Radio.

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4 Responses to “Conversion Of Muslim Anthony Alai To Christ”

  1. 1. Paul Says:

    Very Good!!!!!! Everyone needs to listen to this!! Thanks for posting this. Muslims and America both need to hear the new heart of flesh, pure heart, freedom from bondage of sin message. The Bible (Word of God) is so powerful it can convert anyone on its own two feet. I think we need to just read the bible on its own and let it explain itself. Trying to put our two cents in many times is the door to confusion and distraction. I have heard many sermons that would have been way better if the preacher would have just read the Bible for an hour to the people rather than spending the hour explaining some theology or idea.

  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, I stopped passing out tracks about 9 months ago and start just passing out the new testament.



  3. 3. Paul Says:

    Amen!! All glory to Jesus for His all powerful written Word, the most powerful words on earth!!!! They never lead men astray and will live forever!!

  4. 4. Barbara Brooks Says:

    I admire his bravery for turning from Islam to Christ in spite of opposition. However, I think that accepting the Orthodox religion with its use of images is a real stumbling block to Muslims. The early Christians (prior to Constantine) did not accept the use of images in worship. David Bercot (www.scrollpublishing.com) has an excellent CD about the issue of images in early Christianity.

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