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  • Cheap Domain Names - If you want to register a dot com domain name NetFirms if offering Cheap Domains for $6.95CDN discounted from $9.95CDN. Also Cheap Canadian Domian names are only $9.95CDN at NetFirms. All you need to do is use the Promotion code DOMOFFER30.
  • Why Speed Kills And How To Go Faster - If the loading speed of your website is to slow it can kill your business. People are just not willing to wait a long period of time for your website to load. As we develop our showcase Premium Website package on MoreChristLike.Com we are keeping an eye on the loading speed. pingdom [...]
  • Additional Services For Website Design - Here are some of the additional services I provide for websites. $50 to $250 Customizing of Website Template — changes to the design template on the Premium Turnkey Website $249 Cutting And Theming Current Site — convert site to table-less markup in CSS and theme for WordPress Content Management System (CMS), currently [...]
  • Premium Website Deal 50% Off - You know any one that needs a high quality website — I am paying $25 for referrals! Here are the specs for my $995 Premium Turnkey Website which is currently 50% off. It could back to go $995 at any time! Main: $500 Onetime Website Setup — currently 50% off $120/yr hosting — [...]
  • Wise Line Metal Sales Logo Design - Click for Latest Revision Of Logo I am doing a redesign of Wieler’s Wise Line Metal Sales website. We are starting off with a new logo design and then we will build the website design around the logo design. If you are interested in having a logo designed we are [...]
  • Embedded Media HTML Generator - The Embedded Media HTML Generator has been developed to make it easier to insert video and animations into web pages. This utility works for Flash (.swf), Quicktime (.mov), Real Media (.rm or .ram), and Windows Media (.wmv or .wma) files. I used the Embedded Media HTML Generator to embed the below Quicktime [...]
  • Affordable Premium Web Design - Affordable Premium Web Design: The brothers and I are working hard to put together a spec for a full featured Website with a quality design build on top of content management system (CMS). The plan is to start off with 5 quality web templates and add 5 additional web templates each month [...]
  • New Logo Design - Lots of changes coming up for the More Christ Like blog and one of them is a New Logo Design. Besides the logo I am working on adding 4 additional template designs to this site (you will be able to select them from a menu), moving the blog off the [...]
  • HTML5 - Here is a nice long post on HTML5 by LifeHacker.