• Jan 27 Garbage - Well I did hit a low of 50 grams for a week of garbage. With Susan home we are producing a bit more garbage. Of this week our garbage was 1.5Kg. My rotating composter is full so I have been taking my compost to my church friends in Vienna. My Garbage [...]
  • Reduce Your Garbage Footprint - This Wednesday I put out my week of garbage and it weighted 50 grams only. This is a record for me and as small as it is going to get for a while. With the winter here and every thing frozen up I have been keeping my compost in the fridge [...]
  • Reducing Garbage Footprint - Wednesday was garbage day and I am working on Reducing Garbage Footprint. December 29th garbage weighed 165 grams but I was able to get it down to 83 grams this week. In the following week I hope to get down below 50 grams. Susan will be back on Jan the 12th [...]
  • Garbage Footprint Reduction - Wednesday is garbage day and I am working on Garbage Footprint Reduction. The last week of gargage weighed 165 grams. I have been studying reducing my carbon footprint. Yes, I am going a bit overboard but my disposition is a bit compulsive excessive. I will balance out a bit later after [...]
  • World Energy Usage - In 2008 the World Energy Usage was 474 exajoules (5×10^20 joules). 85% was derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. World Energy Usage By Graph: Non-renewable Energy: Oil 37%, Coal 25% and Gas 23% — are fuels formed by natural resources such as anaerobic decomposition of buried dead organisms. These fuels contain a high percentage [...]
  • Garbage Footprint - Wednesday is garbage day. Today I started weighing my garbage so I can work on reducing my Garbage Footprint. This weeks garbage for Susan and I was 1.022kg. I think it is important to use and waste as little resources as you can. I am working reducing our electric usage, I [...]
  • Reducing Your Garbage - I have been working for some time on Reducing Your Garbage, er, Reducing the Garbage that Susan and I produce. I am an avid recycler and we also use a compost tumbler for our compost. Here is last weeks garbage: Here is this weeks garbage: