Christian Audiobooks

  • Alexander Scourby Audio Bible - I just bought the KJV Bible by Alexander Scourby for $19.95. I have been needing to put an Audio Bible on my iPhone for some time. Alexander Scourby’s narration is considered by many to the best in the world. In fact it is so well know that Alexander Scourby is known [...]
  • The Passion Of The Christ Video On iPhone $4.99 - I have been wanting to watch The Passion Of The Christ for a long time. I was Googling around today and found The Passion Of The Christ for the iPhone for only $4.99. So I have downloaded and am just syncing it now. Then I will head to bed [...]
  • Textus Receptus & Early Christian Writings - David Bercot has a large number of teaching CDs at Scroll Publishing Co, and I enjoy his style of teaching and have found them informative. This evening I listened to his teaching on the Textus Receptus Greek text (the Greek text the King James Version was translated from) and Early Christian [...]
  • Free Plattdeutsch Audio Bible - This is a free, good quality Plattdeutsch audio Bible. I am told it is spoken with a Manitoba accent verses a Chihuahua or Durango accent. It is in mp3 format, so it will work in all mp3 players and all CD players that will read mp3 format. I may convert this [...]
  • September Free Audiobook - In His Steps (Unabridged) by Charles M. Sheldon is a 8 hour audiobook that sells for $22.98 but is free this month at Here is a description of the free download of the month from ChristianAudio: Each month, gives away a premium audiobook download for free. The way our Free [...]
  • August Free AudioBook - The Confessions of Saint Augustine is a 12 hour audiobook and sells for $19.98 but is free this month at I don’t recommend wasting 12 hours listening to this audiobook as Augustine taught sin-you-must, eternal security, and unconditional election which in my view are the 3 most popular unbiblical [...]
  • Download Free AudioBook The Practice of the Presence of God - This is the last day of the month and you have until Midnight to down load audiobook The Pactice of the Presence by Brother Laurence for free. Check out this sample of the audiobook. It is a $10.98 value. Tomorrow we will find out what the next free audiobook [...]