Bible Study Group

  • Study Your Bible - Here are a few of thoughts on Bible study concerning how to, what to, tips, and ideas. I am working in my own life to do more Bible reading and more Bible study. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing [...]
  • This Weeks Bible Study Is At… - Friday, Sept 11th there will be a Bible study in the Copenhagen area. We are currently going though the book of 1 Peter and we will be starting at 1Pet 1:13 tonight. If you plan on attending feel free to call me at 519-636-6636 and I can let you know [...]
  • Bible Study Notes: July 10th - I plan on starting to take better notes and posting what we cover in our Bible studies. This report is kind of incomplete as it is hard to remember what we all discussed a day later. Any way here are the highlights that I remember. Aaron will be preaching the [...]
  • Find Or Start A Study Group Of Sin Free Christians - In my post on How I Got Victory Over Committing Willful Sins one of the points I brought out was the important of finding a congregation or a Bible study group of Sin Free Christians. If you can’t find a congregation or a Bible study group of Sin Free Christians then [...]
  • Street Meeting in London - Saturday afternoon most of the brethren from our Friday night Bible study group went to London to sing and pass out tracts. I have encouraged the group to have a street meeting every Saturday afternoon. Street Meeting Singing: Street Meeting Preaching: After Street Meeting Pizza:
  • Friday Night Bible Study - Friday is a special day for me, as I get to get together with a wonderful group of brothers and sisters in the Lord that are on fire for God. This week’s Friday night Bible study is at Pete and Helen Bartsch’s at 7:00pm in Copenhagen, at 49210 Nova Scotia Line. Study [...]