Jun 10

Yogurt & BerriesMy yogurt and berries parfait is not as good as Tim Horton’s, but then have been making theirs since June, 2005 and today was my first try.

Here is how Timmy’s describes their Yogurt & Berries — “Try one of our delicious low-fat (2.5g of fat or less per 170g serving) yogurt and berries products. Varieties include your choice of Creamy Vanilla (150 calories) or Strawberry Yogurt (140 claories) mixed with 4 types of berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.”

The Strawberry Yogurt & Berries is 140 calories and $2.09 taxes in. The Valliea Yogurt & Berries is 150 calories and $2.09 taxes in.

I made a 330 gram Plain Yogurt & Berries with 250g Astro Original fat free 0% Plain Yogurt, of 20g of blueberries, 30g or raspberries, and 30g of blackberries for a total of 160 calories and twice the size of Timmy’s. My cost was around $1.60.

Needless to say it didn’t taste as good as Tim’s Strawberry Yogurt & Berries, not at all!

Fruit & Yogurt

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    (a fellow Christian from the Hamilton / Brantford area)

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