Apr 09

040709 WeightMy April the 7th post-workout weight was 162.2lbs.

I got a good digital scales at the Super Store so I have been keeping an eye on my weight.

Since December the 16th, 2008 (3 months 24 days) I have lost 32.8lbs. My goal is to lose 40lbs in 4 months.

I have not done anything with my broken Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS and heart monitor so some of my workouts are not timed and the distances are estimated. The rest I have been tracking with my the timer on my iPhone.

Here are the times of my runs since I got here.

April 2th: bike 13.5km out 35:07, trans 3:35, run 10km 1:12:40, trans 3:30, bike 13.5km back 33:36.

April 3th: bike 13.5km out 33:34, trans 3:21, run 10km 1:13:14, trans 2:26, bike 13.5km back 37:01.

April 4th: bike 12.5km out 29:49, trans 3:36, run 5km out 31:50, run 5km back 40:15, trans 5:39, bike 12.5km back 32:7

April 5th: bike 32km.

April 6th: bike 12.5km out 26:11, trans 2:49, run 5km out 30:54, run 5km back 33:49, trans 3:05, bike 12.5km back 29.28.

April 7th: run dog ~4km 30:00; bike 12.5km out 34:19, trans 3:53, run 5km out 37:29, run 5km back 40:41, trans 2:51, bike 12.5km back 30:56.

April 8th: run dog ~4km 30:00.

April 9th: run dog ~4km 30:00. Going for my bike and run now.

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