Sep 04

BikingI carbed up on potatos, extended the saddle by 1/2″, oiled my bike chain, left the backpack behind (1.6kg), faced the wind, and gave it my all.

I not only did an average speed of 32.73kmph in my first leg of 12.54km but I also broke 23min on the same leg. Two numbers I have been targeting for some time.

Even better on the way back I did 24:08 for an average speed for 31.95kmph over 25km. Only 0.045kmph off my goal of doing an average speed of 32kmph over a 25km distance. After I get my average speed for 32kmph down over 25km I will start working toward 35kmph over a 25km distance.

Here are the two cycle legs.

Activity | Duration | Distance | Speed | Energy Burned
Cycle: 22:58 12.54km 32.73kmph 231c
Cycle: 24:07 12.55km 31.2kmph 228c

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