Jun 08

Workaround For Broken Home Button On iPhoneIf you have a broken iPhone home button there is a good Workaround For Broken Home Button On iPhone. The problem with having a broken home button is you can’t back out of any app you are in.

Before finding this workaround the only way I know to get out of an app was is to turn your phone off and then back on but this make the phone unusable.

The following workaround makes the iPhone quite usable until you find the time to get it fixed.

1. Go into Settings –> General –> and tap Passcode Lock and set up a passcode on your iPhone.
2. When you are in an app and you want to back out just press your power button twice –> slide to unlock
3. Then tap Emergency Call –> tap the left arrow key at the bottom left
4. Then input your Passcode and you are out to the app and at your home screen.

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