Oct 07

There are 4 articles published on this site that are in the Church of God Restoration category. I had planned to wait awhile before I published this booklet, as I have been working on articles addressing each of the 16 objections to the practices and doctrines that I sent to Henry Hildebrandt. But I have had a number of requests for this information, so I went ahead and put together a 16 page 8.5″ x 5.5″ booklet with the following articles in it.

How To Act Toward Those That Do You Wrong
Embrace Your Trials
16 Objections to Church of God Restoration Practices & Doctrines
My Email to Henry Hildebrandt

I should note that I am not advocating that people leave the Church of God Restoration, as I consider it the congregation with the most truth in Aylmer. If they would lift the ban they put on me, I would be happy to go back (with a few conditions). As far as I know, there isn’t another congregation in town that is teaching ’sin free living’ where at least a good number of the people are obtaining it and keeping it.

The only other congregation in town that I know of that even claims to teach sin free living, is the German Church of God. My contact with different ones from the local congregation has left me with the impression that while the teaching may be on the books their members for the most part are not experiencing it.

So, I am even suggesting that people should give the Church of God Restoration a visit and check them out. But having said that, I feel like there are some practices and doctrines that need to be changed and this booklet addresses some of those things that need to be changed.

I also feel like prospective members need a ‘heads up’ to what they are getting into. And while I don’t feel like it is my place to pursue their current or prospective members and give them this booklet (besides that would get me ex-communicated), I do feel like it is my place to post my position and to address the issues that I see and leave it at that — free will.

Feel free to download the PDF’ed Booklet it’s easy to print out.

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3 Responses to “Banned by the Church of God Restoration”


    I would like to know more about you and what your vision of the church of God is. As you seem to be more in favor of the Restoration “group”, it appears like you have not yet got a clear view of the evils of “groupism” and “man rule”. Correct? live in Africa, but I hope that does not prejudice you.

    In Him,
    Bro. Lawrence.

  2. 2. Barbara Brooks Says:

    I think God allowed you to be kicked out for your own protection. Rejoice!

    I’ve been going to conservative Mennonite churches for the past few years, and they teach to live sin-free living. However, we all fall from time to time. Look at Peter-he fell when he stopped eating with Gentiles to please the Jews.
    Look at how the people are living in the church. If they are arrogant and think they are the only true church-watch out!

    I suggest you go to http://www.anabaptists.org and perhaps they can help you find a church not too far away.

  3. 3. bob Says:

    Hi sister Barbara,

    I have been out for 4 years and I have been attending a Charity fellowship here in the same area. I did go for a visit to BC and attended a Eastern Conservative Mennonite congregation which teaches living free from sin and if you commit willful sin you are no longer saved.

    How ever in this area the Nationwide and CMCO conservative Mennonite groups don’t seem to teach that.


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