Sep 09

Even though I drank two full water bottles (2 x 1lb) during today’s workout, after cycling 25km and running 16km I lost 4.2lbs. I know that seems a bit much and my scales are not out and that is pretty much par for course when I cycle 25km and run 10 to 16km.

Pre-workout Weight:
Pre-workout Weight

Post-workout Weight:
Post-workout Weight

In the past I have used my post-workout weight as my daily weight when logging my weight loss. When I shared that with my sister Kristen, who is an avid runner, she told me I was only deceiving myself.

I got to thinking about that and I decided that I would be better off recording my pre-workout weight. One of the main reasons I think I will be better off is it may cause me to eat less in the evening knowing that what ever I eat in the evening is going to be added to my weight in the morning.

After I got back from my workout today I had a 150g tenderloin steak (I got it at 50% off), 1/4 of a watermellon, and a bunch of grapes. I just weight myself now and I am 156.4lbs and the first thing that crossed my mind was that would be a nice weight to wake up to and perhaps I should just go to bed early tonight.

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