Jun 10

Well I am thinking about selling trays of Wheatgrass in the London, Ontario area. The fairest way to base the price is based on yeild. On these trays I put 1 cup or 400 grams of Spring Wheat kernels to start. I plan on moving to 1.5 cups or 600 grams soon as I want to see how much that would increase the yield.

I expect these trays to yeild between 8oz and 12oz of Wheatgrass juice and would price them at $10.

I just prepared two new trays today from Spring Wheat kernals that soaked 12hrs and spouted for two days.

Here Is Two Clean 8″ x 20″ Wheatgrass Trays:
Empty Wheatgrass Trays

Here Is Two Wheatgrass Trays With Compost:
Wheatgrass Trays With Compost

Here is Two Wheatgrass Trays With Sprouted Kernels:
Wheatgrass Trays With Sprouted Kernels

Here is Two Wheatgrass Trays That Start In The Dark For Two Days:
Wheatgrass Trays Start In The Dark For Two Days

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