Jan 16

Healthy Weight Loss1. If you only diet you will gain your weight back when you end your diet. You need to make a lifestyle change.

2. Cut back on what you consume and expend more energy with daily exercise.

3. Find a lifestyle change program that you can follow.

4. Go public, ask for prayer, blog about it, tell friends and family what your goals are so they can provide you support. Public commitment brings accountability.

5. Track your progress. Record you weight and waist measurement daily and track your health success weekly.

6. Start strong but don’t make your goals to high, set a realistic goal. Make smaller mini goals as success breeds more success. When you reach a goal reward yourself with your favor meal treat.

7. Find help to put together a exercise program that you can follow. Again make small goals and work you way up.

8. A gender based multi-Vitamin with minerals is good to take but there is no magic pill that will cause you to lose weight. You have to make a lifestyle change.

9. Set mini goals with a weight loss product reward. After you loose your first 10 pounds reward yourself with a digital bathroom scale (here is a link to digital bathroom scales in US).

10. Don’t consume alcohol, tobacco, or caffine. Lay off pop, sweets, chocolate, candy, refined sugar products, and sugar substitutes in all forms. (Caffine is used in some pill based weight loss systems to raise metabolism to burn off more fat.)

11. Low calorie intake will slow down your metabolism and hence slow down your weight loss. Your calorie intake needs to varies based on your weight, gender, age and metabolism. A consultant can help you work out your the calorie limit you need to keep to reach your goals.

12. Eat 3 meals with 2 snacks every day and don’t skip any meals. After 7pm your metabolism starts to slow down so that is not a good time to eat.

13. Drinking water encourages your body to let go of water weight so drink 6 to 8 cups a day.

14. Your program needs to help you lose at least one pound a week consistently. Again keep your goal realistic but at the same time you do need to make some progress.

15. Schedule making and keeping are important in both exercise and eating. Put together a schedule that works best for you and then keep it.

16. Find some hunger stopping techniques that work for you. Try waiting 10 minutes to see if you are still hungry, or drinking a cup of water, or consuming Omega 3/6 supplement before a meal.

17. Fiber is important part of your diet. Make sure your BMs stay regular by increasing you fiber intact as weight loss can cause constipation.

18. Slow down when you eat. Take smaller bits and chew longer or take a bite and go and do some thing. From the time you start eating it take the brain 20 minutes before it starts sending feelings that you are full.

19. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, and whole grains. Stay away from processed foods.

20. Trying sniffing food instead of eating it when your hungry!

21. Stock up on small portions of low-fat yogurt.

22. Read the label and compare portion size, calories, Saturated + Trans, sodium, and carbs.

23. Brush your teeth, use mouth wash, and floss your teeth after every meal! This not only lets your brain now meal time is over but if you do eat after this you have to brush, mouth wash, and floss all over again.

24. Get the Weight Watchers Complete Food Companion book and avoid foods have high points. You can get the Complete Food Companion book on ebay.com for around $20.

25. Avoid trans fatty foods (cakes, chocolate, cookies, chips, donuts, fast foods, pies, etc.).

26. Put your bathroom scale in the kitchen and always weight yourself before you open up the fridge or pantry door.

27. Educate yourself on weight loss tips. I Googled up weight loss tips and found most of these tips in the first 20 entries.

28. Research calorie cycling to find out how to outsmart your body and keep it from going into starvation mode and slowing down its metabolism. (Calorie cycling is running a calorie deficiency for a number of days and then moving to a calorie maintenance level in cycles.)

29. When you start never give up. If you blow it one day just refocus and restart on the next.

30. Contact your doctor and let them know your plans.

31. Start today, I did!

How to measure your waist size — Use a soft tape measure. Stand in front of a mirror and find the top edge of your hip bone (called your iliac crest). Note where your iliac crest is in horizontally relationship to your belly button. This is where you need to take place your measuring tape horizontally each time you take your measurement. Circle your entire torso with the tape measure and make sure the tape is horizontal. Stand straight and exhale gently and pull the tape taut but make sure it is not squeezing your skin. Get a feel for how tight you are doing this and try to use the same pressure each time. If your going to record your measurement with a camera wear a t-shirt to be modest and put the tape over your t-shirt.

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    Hi Don; Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to respond to any of my weight loss posts and drop a key phase rich link to related pages on your site. I am not doing link trades on this site but keep an eye on my posts and you may want to do a review of what I am doing on your blog. I plan on blogging my daily meals for the next 30 days with my results so it should be pretty interesting.

    There should be lots of informative posts and coming from my position where I know little about weight loss, following my learning curve should be interesting.

    I have been doing lifestyle changes for the last three years so I am pretty well ready to jump off the deep end here and see some results with the help of the Lord!

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