Jun 04

Wheatgrass Juice ShotTo funny. I found the following information on one of the sites I Googled up on Wheatgrass juice. As a good Mutch I was already to plunge right in and figured if 1oz is good 16oz is better. All I need to do is find some Wheatgrass juice so I can ramp up and be ready for my 16oz a day crop.

The detoxification effects of wheat grass, especially the raw juice form, are very strong. You may thus experience initial detoxification reactions such as headache or slight nausea. It should go away after a while. Because of this, it is thus also advisable for you to first start with a small dosage, perhaps a shot-glass worth or even less, and slowly work your way up if you do not experience any severe reactions.

Another ‘warning’ with regard to drinking this juice is its taste – it has a very strong ‘grassy taste’ and may take some getting used to. It’s certainly an acquired taste.

If you find its taste too strong, then mix it with other juices for a more palatable combination. Try mixing it with lime or lemon juice – it gives an interestingly refreshing taste!

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8 Responses to “Warnings Regarding Consuming Wheatgrass Juice”

  1. 1. Marion MUTCH Says:

    My dear son:

    Please be moderate. You don’t have the constitution of a cow or a horse, but whom I admire for their vegetarian ways.

  2. 2. Bob MUTCH Says:

    Hi Mom,

    Hrmm, I heard there are some cows that have not followed the vegetarian way and have gone mad.

    Yes, I guess starting off with 16oz a day might be a bit MUTCH. I plan to go to London today and will consider dropping by Booster Juice and buying a 1oz or 2oz of Wheatgrass juice.

    1 Wheatgrass Juice Shot is $2.99 and 2 Wheatgrass Juice Shot is $4.69 so considering my cost to grow 12 Wheatgrass Juice Shot to 20 Wheatgrass Juice Shot is only a $1 that will be hard on my mine Scottish mind to pay $2.99 for 1oz Wheatgrass Juice Shot.

    I don’t even know if I am going to like the taste of Wheatgrass. But it doesn’t matter I will drink it anyway. I will be adding it to my fruit shakes. After I get this Wheatgrass juice thing down I plan to look into growing spinach, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and sprouting broccoli.

    Also I am thinking about starting a Wheatgrass business. Booster Juice sells Wheatgrass trays for $18 and you can get them at heath food stores for $12. Considering the cost for Organic Spring Wheat Kernels is only $0.52 and the compost in each tray would be cost around $0.23 (total of a $0.75), selling the trays for $8 to $10 with a deposit of $x for the trays — it seems like a good business.

    Perhaps I should start one tray every 4 days. That way I would be taking 4 Wheatgrass Juice Shot a day. I am just so excited about this and I feel very gungho that I really feel like going overboard.

  3. 3. Marion Mutch Says:

    Horses, those beautiful, strong creatures who get that way eating grass, also must be careful not to overdo a good thing. Every horse owner must be careful when their horses go on the new lush spring grass.

    Horses are subject to FOUNDERS or LAMINITIS which shows up as swollen inflammation above the hoof. It is very painful and can ruin a horse. Lorraine’s horse is very subject to it.

    Your father has to be ever so cautious each spring when the new grass comes in. In fact Prinz is so subject to this problem that he can never go out unrestricted in the big pasture by the road.

    He dearly longs to be able to be in that big field but he is confined to the paddock near the barn where your father can control how much grass he gets. For Prinz it is a continuing problem. So, my son, beware of foundering!

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Mom,

    Thanks for the warning. I will try to make it to London every two days and have a 2oz of Wheatgrass so when my first tray is ready to harvest in 8 days from now I will be more ready for it.

  5. 5. Marion Mutch Says:

    Sorry, my finger slipped on inflammation. I sure don’t want to add to the typos in your blog. Mothers notice these things.

  6. 6. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Mom,

    I fixed your typo. I guess I need to hire some one to go over all my articles and fix the typos.

  7. 7. Deeg Says:

    I drink 16oz of wheatgrass juice everyday and i feel amazing. I have experienced several health benefits that the medical community would not believe!

  8. 8. bob Says:

    Hi Deeg,

    Did you work out to that amount or did you start out with 16oz?


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