Nov 24

RunKeeperTo More Christ Like Blog Readership!

If you don’t mind would you all please Vote RunKeeper Best Location Based Mobile App. You can vote every day until Dec 13. This will help promote Jason’s company. I use this product and it is a great product.

Vote here:

Here is the iPhone RunKeeper App and to sign up to be notified daily send an email to reminder with ‘daily reminder’ in the subject.

Here is Jason’s email:

“Hi Everyone,
For all of you that nominated us for Best Location Based Mobile App in Mashable’s Open Web Awards over the last few weeks, we have some exciting news. . . we were one of the top 5 in the category and made it to the finals! This is an amazing honor, and even more amazing given how many great location based mobile apps there are, and the caliber of the other finalists (Foursquare, Google Maps, etc.).

Even making it this far is a great accomplishment for this tiny company from Boston. And it is also a real testament to all of you! We’re on a mission to prove that, with a great product and a strong community, a small company can act REALLY big!

So, it’s great that we made it this far, but now, we NEED to go all the way. The voting for the finals opened up yesterday, and remains open until December 13th. Each person is allowed to vote once per category each and every day between now and then!

So, take this post as a call to action. Together, let’s show the world what the RK community can do! Us against the titans, and we’ll win – I can visualize it so clearly! It won’t be easy, but I just know it can be done.

How you can help:

Vote here: (can vote once per day between now and December 13th)

We don’t have the sheer number of users that Google Maps has, but we have a lot more heart! For the really motivated among you, we’re assembling a list of interested users to send out a daily reminder to vote between now and December 13th. It is this crew that we are convinced is going to propel us to victory!

To sign up to be notified, send an email to reminder with ‘daily reminder’ in the subject.

This would be such a big one, and I know that with your help, we can do it! Thanks to each one of you for the terrific support.


Website –
Twitter –
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Download RK Pro – link to iTunes”

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