Jun 07

Booster Juice at 355 Wellington St. has very low yield on their Wheatgrass trays!

I bought a tray of Wheatgrass from them for $10 today and had it juiced right there. The yeild was 5oz but the clerk kindly added some from another tray so that I got 6oz.

She told me the owner does his own trays and he got different Wheat kernels and the yeild on the trays with the different kernels was way down. She told me typically they where getting 10oz from the 11″ x 21″ tray.

From the pictures below can anyone tell me what they did wrong.

Here Is The Tray Before Harvest:
Robin Cutting The Wheatgrass

Here Is The Tray After Harvest:
Wheatgrass Clump

Here Is A Cross Section Of The Clump:
Cross Section Of Wheatgrass Clump

Here Is A Close Up Of Top Of The Sod:
Close Up Of Cut Wheatgrass

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