Jan 16

FacebookToday I set up a fan page for my More Christ Like Blog. I have hired a social media company to add up fans to the new fan page. They will start off by adding 5000 fans and if it drives traffic to this blog I will consider doing up to 50,000 fans.

Content for my fan page wall will produced on Twitter by having WordTwit tweets my blog posts and by posting up to 30 hand tweets a day.

I am using the Facebook app Selective Twitter to post my tweets on the wall of my profile page and fan page.

Most of the blog posts and tweets will be about spiritual matters but some will be about biking, marketing, political, recycling, running, and a number of other topics.

My friends and fans will then see my wall posts on their Live Feed and my most popular wall posts on their News Feed.

The blog posts that WordTwit tweets and Selective Twitter posts to my Facebook profile and fan walls have a link back to my More Christ Like Blog site. It will be interesting to see how much traffic 5000 fans will bring me.

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