May 22

Bob MutchHere is a list of blog posts that, Lord willing, I plan to do:

–Dying to Self.

–Convert Decker and Danskin Preaching Tapes to mp3 and post.

Pictures and Sounds of Cow Branding

–Pictures of Decker and Danskin chapels and report on my long weekend trip.

–Finish review of ‘Radical Righteousness’ book.

–Right Attitude toward Those Who Differ on Outward Standards – Quote Wesley on his position concerning dance (RR p.247) etc., and then quote the denouncing rants from some of the 1900’s holiness preachers.

–Seeing Yourself Weaker Than You Are – Relate your personal concern for the temptations you thought you would face in Chilliwack.

–What If You Backslide – The devil never tells you how bad it was or will be.

–How Much Do You Love Your Own Soul? – Pr 19:8 NASB.

–Yielding Fruit in Old Age – Ps 92:14 NASB.

–According to Your Deeds – Re 2:23 NASB.

Contrast Between OT and NT – TC p1012.

Seven Editions of Divine Law – TC p1583.

Read through the New Testament Monthly – 260 chapters in the NT is only 9 chapters a day.

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