Jun 10

Unlock Bell Galaxy TabWell if you are on Rogers, Telus, or Fido you may want to Unlock Bell Galaxy Tab. Unlocking is even more difficult that Rooting a Bell Galaxy Tab.

I just rooted and unlocked my Bell Galaxy Tab and it is now working with Rogers just fine.

Here are the steps that you will need to take.

1. Root the Galaxy Tab.

2. Install Android SDK Tools.

3. Setup the Galaxy Tab in USB Debug Mode and then attach the Galaxy Tab USB cable to your computer that has Android SDK Tools installed.
Home->Applications->Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging needs to be check.

4. Go to the DOS prompt and go to the directory where the adb.exe files is and run “adb devices”. It should show a 12 charactor Hex number followed by device. If this doesn’t show up your Galaxy Tab is not connect correctly to the computer.
“c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools\adb devices”

5. After you verify that the Galaxy Tab is connected to the comptuer run “adb shell”. This will give you the unix shell prompt
where you will paste the following commands.

cd /sdcard
echo “this takes about 45 seconds”
if [ ! -f /sdcard/nv_data.bin.orig ]; then
echo “copying file to /sdcard”
cp /efs/nv_data.bin /sdcard/nv_data.bin.orig
echo -en \\x00 > out0
dd if=nv_data.bin.orig of=out1 bs=1 count=1578089
dd if=nv_data.bin.orig of=out2 bs=1 skip=1578090 count=163
dd if=nv_data.bin.orig of=out3 bs=1 skip=1578254
cat out1 out0 out2 out0 out3 > nv_data.bin.unlocked
rm out0 out1 out2 out3
rm /efs/nv_data.bin
cp nv_data.bin.unlocked /efs/nv_data.bin
rm /efs/nv_data.bin.md5

6. Add APN settings in Settings->Wireless->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Settings Icon->New APN

7. Here are the settings for Rogers.
Name: Rogers
APN: internet.com
Username: wapuser1
Password: wap
MCC: 302
MNC: 72 (If that doesn’t work try 720, its already filled in, leave it at what it is)

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