Dec 15

RunKeeper Main ScreenI guess I have kind of hit a place in my running where it is going to take hard work to do better. Today I ran 4.98km in 26:49 which is an average pace of 5:23.

26:49 1KM Splits:
1km 5:02 05:02
2km 5:35 10:37
3km 5:09 15:46
4km 5:43 21:29
5km 5:30 26:49

My best time so far for 5km has been 26:01 and I would really like to break 26 minutes.

Here you can see that I pulled off the 26:01 partly because of a good finish in the last 721 meters where I my speed was above 13.4km, at the 4.423km mark I even hit 15.3km, and when I crossed the 5km mark I was running at 14.8km.

5km in 26:01 (Nov 23/09):
5KM In 26:01

5km in 26:48 (Dec 15/09):
5 KM In 26:48

You can see in the below splits for my 26:01 run, that I ran the first 3km 19 seconds slower that today. Then on the 4th km I picked up those 19 seconds and 15 seconds more and then in 5th km I pick up another 48 seconds.

Main Screen 26:0126:01 1KM Splits:
1km 5:04 05:04
2km 5:43 10:47
3km 5:18 16:05
4km 5:09 21:14
5km 4:42 25:56

So my first 3km today was fine I just need to really hit it on the last 2km. At this point I just don’t have the power to do that at this point.

I guess I need to start working out on my legs. I will do some research and put together a program.

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