Aug 07

Twitter LogoTwitter — A social media network where people micro blog. Also refers to a message send on Twitter. “Twitter has become very popular in the last few months.”

Twitterer — Some one that uses Twitter. A user of Twitter. Also referred to as a Tweeter. “How do you delete a Twitterer that is always posting spam?”

Tweeter — Some one that uses Twitter. “Today I removed from my follow list another Tweeter that posts to much spam.”

Tweet — noun: A message sent on Twitter. Also referred to as a Twitter. “I posted a Tweet on Twitter about Twitter words.”

Tweet — verb: The act of posting on Twitter. “I when to Tweet a message the other day on Twitter but it the site was down.”

Twitosphere — The community of Twitterers. “Overall the Twitoshere was upset that the Twitter service was down for several hours.”

Tweeple — People that use Twitter. “I wonder what percent of the Tweeple I am following are following me back.”

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