Feb 18

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  • Two steps of Salvation: 1: Less of me more of thee 2: none of me all of thee #fb #
  • Two steps of Salvation: 1: Less of me more of thee 2: none of me all of thee #
  • Some call it the baptism of the Holy Spirit, entire sanctification, the higher life, second work, but what ever U call it U must have it #fb #
  • The selfless life that God wants to lead all Christians into is 1 where they willingly give up their rights & desires & live for others. #fb #
  • Christians must come to the post-salvation place where they repent of their selfishness and consecrate to live a selfless life. #fb #
  • After a Christian is saved they need to be brought to the understanding that they are selfish. #fb #
  • As we walk in the light godly sorrow 4 our past life will increase & our repentance will deepen We will repent & turn from the self life #fb #
  • godly sorrow and repentance are pre-salvation. With out godly sorrow and repentance there is no salvation. #fb #
  • The Divine Art of Soul Winning by J. Oswald Sanders — http://www.honeywagonseptic.com/Study%20Items/Studies/discipleship/concern.html #
  • BACKSLIDERS! the longer you're away the further you'll stray! #fb #
  • to eat in moderation is more difficult for some people than fasting. #fb #
  • You can increase your desire for God through fasting and prayer. #fb #
  • I am reading John Piper' book "A Hunger For God" here is the PDF — http://www.desiringgod.org/media/pdf/books_hfg/hfg_all.pdf #fb #
  • fasting is a way of expressing to God that he is the supreme hunger of our hearts—that we are starving for him. JP #fb #
  • Jesus did not say, “If you fast” but “When you fast” (Mat 6:16). #fb #
  • The weakness of our hunger for God is not because he is unsavory, but
    because we keep ourselves stuffed with “other things.” JP #fb #
  • When God is the supreme hunger of our hearts, he will be supreme in everything. JP #fb #
  • Fasting is not the forfeit of evil but of good. JP #fb #
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