Feb 06

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  • have you ever asked some one "would you like to ask Jesus into your heart" & does it bother U that this is not found in the scriptures? #fb #
  • brothers meeting at the Vienna chapel at 6pm tonight #fb #
  • Here is Paul Washers 10 indictments typed in… http://adidab.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/paul-washer-transcript-03-ten-indictments/ #fb #
  • bJohn and sAnna Banman were over to pick up eggs and we had a nice season of prayer. #
  • the question we are to ask the unsaved is not if they know they R a sinner but if they are starting 2 see their sin the way God sees it #fb #
  • don't try to comfort the person that God is convicting over their sinfulness, let God do a work in their life and fully convert them. #fb #
  • professes Christ and is living in sin don't need to be told to start living like a Christian but that they need to repent and be saved. #fb #
  • so when it comes to Paul Washers method of leading people to Christ you have to realize he holds the person has nothing to do with it. #fb #
  • Paul Washer hold 2 Monergism – this teaches Dat God saves through regeneration w/out D cooperation of the person. http://bit.ly/atWx72 #fb #
  • U must be careful of the Calvinistic leaven in all Paul Washers messages. he has much truth but it is mixed with much Calvinistic error. #fb #
  • professing Christians that are living in sin have just enough morality to dim their conscience and set them straight to hell. #fb #
  • Listening to Paul Washer Regeneration v. The Idolatry of Decisional "Evangelism"
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shxQcczYuAA #
  • More and more of thee and thee and less of me. #fb #
  • The congregation is not stronger than the families in the congregation. #fb #
  • If u draw people my carnal means you will have to keep people by carnal means. PW #fb #
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