Aug 05

Twitter LogoFor those that don’t know Twitter is like mini blogging. Each tweet (a twitter post) is 140 characters long. The messages posted by the people you follow are all posted on your twitter page which is .

In the last month there have been are a number of people that twitter that have 40,000 followers plus unfollowed all their followers. Just to much @ and DM spam.

When you have 10,000 plus follower you have a lot of influence and if you are suggesting good products and twittering those suggest out in an affiliate link you can make good money.

If you have over 2000 followers I think the best way to deal with the to follow or not to follow issue is to do both. Have two accounts and post the same thing in both account. One you can call the list — you follow people just so they will follow you but you don’t read their posts or respond to there DMs or @s.

If you have a huge list like over 10,000 followers and you want to communicate with the followers so they will be more dedicated to follow you suggestions hire some one to respond to the @s and DMs.

On the other account you only follow the people you want to read and make your tweets protected and by invitation only.

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