Aug 07

Bob Mutch Has 169 FollowersWell it probably looks from my posts that I have Twitter on my mind.

I have been Tweeting more than usually and at the same time I picked up a few more followers. I when from 144 to 178 followers this week.

Part of that is because I am now following about 25 more people and some of them probably have auto followed me back. This week I cleaned up my followers list my blocked (force removal from following) about 10 or 20 spammers or inactive Twitter accounts from following me.

In the past I haven’t really looked to increase my followers (in Twitter a follower is someone that is on your follow list so they can read your Tweets), as I have been using Twitter mostly to follow other people. I use WordTwit a WordPress plugin that automatically Tweets my blog posts. Other than that I don’t Tweet a lot, perhaps 5 or 6 times a week.

I also found it interesting that I am only following 18% of my followers. I wonder what percent of the tweeple I am following are following me.

Over at Twitter Counter I found the following stat page for my twitter account.

My Twitter Counter Stats:
Twitter Counter Stats

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