Aug 09

Yesterday I bought a used Tunturi C20 Elliptical Trainer off Kijiji. The Tunturi C20 retails for around $749. I thought it would be a good entry level unit for me to start with and if I make good use of it I will consider upgrading to an Elliptical Trainer that has more features.

I have been stuck for the last 4 months between 158lb and 163lb so time for a change up. They say your body gets used to a certain routine and they call it hitting a plateau. When that happens its time for a change up. While some trainers hold that you need to move to resistance training (weight training) a change up in cardo training will help.

I have been thinking about getting an Elliptical Trainer for some time now to break up my cycling and running. While I enjoy cycling and running more than indoor exercising, cycling is dangerous and running is hard on your joints. So I will get a change up and exercising will be a bit more safe.

Here is my Tunturi C20 Elliptical Trainer:

Tuntui C20 Elliptial Trainer

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