Aug 05

Blogging StatsBy the beginning of 2007 there were 120,000 new blogs being created every day. Technorati reported in their 2008 state of the blogosphere that out of 133 million blogs they track only 7.4 million have updated their blog in the last 3 months.

That is more than 94% of blogs essentially being abandoned. That means if you start to blog you only have a 6% chance of continuing to blog.

Twitter is like a blog but it only takes 2 minutes to setup and get started. You can post messages for 140 characters, can have people follow your posts from the twitter website, and you can follow other twitterers messages that interest you.

Goo Research’s 28th regular blogging survey provides the following reasons people quite blogging.

Why People Quite Blogging:
–Updating was too much trouble 66.9%
–Got bored with it 21.8%
–Other things more fun 17.3%
–Ran out of things to say 16.5%
–No particular reason 12.8%
–Too few visitors 9.8%
–Got hit by flame war, spam attack, etc 2.3%
–Other 6.8%

It takes time and dedication to blog regularly. Twittering may be a way for you to find out if you can make that time and if you have the dedication to blog.

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