Sep 03

I was invited by the Weaver family to spend a week with them at Ron & Debbie Steele’s Cabin on Trout Lake which is located about 5km east of North Bay. Trout Lake is narrow and about 11km long. It flows into the Mattawa River, which feeds the Ottawa River, which flows into the St. Lawrence River.

We left Monday morning at 9:30 a.m. with the Weaver’s van and my car. I took 3 of the children in my car with me and we stopped around noon at Barrie. We had a food break there and then went on our way and got to Trout Lake around 5 p.m.

I thought I would take a few picture of this beautiful scenery so you can see the area I am enjoying. I will be posting more pictures later of a number of the Islands. I have been kayaking in the lake each morning before breakfast and have been going further each day.

This is a map of the area that Trout Lake is in:

This is a picture straight out from the cabin dock:

This is a picture to the right of the cabin dock:

This is a picture to the left of the cabin dock:

This is a picture of the cabin from the end of the dock:

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