Jan 16

Total Lean Weight Loss SystemWell I have started off with the Total Lean Weight Loss System. I am not sure if I will end up staying with this system or not. This system provides some basic 1500 calorie meal plans which I am using for a model for the time being.

I have a feeling 1500 calories is to low for me and I should be more around 1800 calories but I will be doing more research this weekend so I will update on that later.

Note: I returned this product the next day. I didn’t realize that there was a daily intake of 400mg of caffeine. That 5 cans of redbull. Needless it say I felt completely wired and a bit paranoid and only got about 2 hours sleep.

Caffeine is used in weight loss systems to raise the metabolic rate and I think it also takes away your desire to eat. I would suggest anyone that is looking at weight loss to reject all products that use caffeine.

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3 Responses to “Total Lean Weight Loss System”

  1. 1. Acai Berry Select Says:

    I got great results with Acai Berry Select. I recommend it to anyone struggling with weight issues.

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    The above comment is a good example of of comment spam. The link that I removed from the authors name “Acai Berry Select” was an affiliate link.

    Personally I think Acai Berry for weight loss is a scam. It’s all about calories in calories out. There are no magic food that set aside the 4 important principles of 1) lifestyle change, 2) portion control, 3) regular exercise, and 4) eating low calorie foods — if you want to lose weight and keep it off.

  3. 3. Weight Loss Diet Says:

    I agree with this material. Good tips. I just want to add some tips from me, very basic.

    I think that the biggest problem with Lose Weight is that people often do not continue doing exercises or keeping diet. It is very much in our brain. We would like to have it flat but it is hard to sacrifice for it. And even if one get it then often do not maintain it so after couple of months everything is as before.

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