Sep 28

There is children’s song that goes “With Jesus in the family, happy happy home.” While this is true it takes some effort on the part of the brothers, sisters, and parents for this to happen.

The parents much lead the way with their example. Parents should read and follow the Tips for a Good Husband and Wife Relationship article.

The young people that are saved must follow the parents and enforce their good example. They must realize the great responsibility that is upon them to be peacemakers and to live a selfless life in the home. While the parents must lead the way the saved young people must commit to carry their responsibility with a prayerful burden.

While you can teach children the Bible standard of conduct in the home you must realize that they are not converted, they have a difficult time suppressing their sinful nature, it is difficult to help them develop good manners.

The whole family must work together in the training of the children that are not yet saved.

If you keep the following tips you will have a happy happy home.

1. Don’t be very concerned with the faults, mistakes, and errors of others. It is always much more productive to correct yourself than to correct others.

2. Be more than willing to bear with the faults with others as they must bear with your faults. Deal with them the way you would want them to deal with you when they see your faults (Luk 6:31).

3. When you see you are doing something that is upsetting or aggravating some one else apologize and discontinue even if you are in the right. You are to follow peace with all people (Heb 12:14).

4. Realize the great debt you have been forgiven and be willing to freely forgive others (Mat 6:14,15; Luk 17:4).

5. Learn how to say the words please, thank you, and sorry. These words will go a long way in making a happy home.

6. When you see that others in the home are doing a good job let then know and thank them.

7. Each family member much see what they can put into the family not what they can get out of the family. The Christian live is a selfless life where we deny ourselves and take up our cross daily (Mat 9:23).

8. Each day ask your parents if there is an extra task you can do for them.

9. If you see one of your siblings struggling with a task offer to help them.

10. Realize the way you treat others is really the way you are treating Jesus (Mat 25:40).

11. Each time you deny yourself and take up your cross you are growing spiritually. Likewise when you don’t deny yourself and take up your cross you loose spiritually.

12. When saved young people live a high Christian standard in the home they are being a strong witness to other the children and are helping to lead them to Christ.

Commit to reading this list each day for a month and doing your best to practice all the points.

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