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Human nature tends to let down its guard and act its worst around those who we are most familiar with. How you really are is the way you act towards others that you know the best – which are typically those of your own home.

The following are tips for husbands and wives that I have been working on in my own home, and I hope you find them helpful.

1. Tell your spouse “I love you” each and every single day.

2. Always say please and thank you.

3. Never demand anything one of another, but ask kindly with respect – like you would from anyone else out side the home.

4. Husbands, you don’t own your wife, so don’t act like it. Don’t be bossy and overbearing and order them around like a slave. Support them as the physically weaker vessel (1Pet 3:7) and love them and give yourself for them like Christ gave himself for the church (Eph 5:25).

Wives submit to your own husband in temporal matters as it is fitting in the Lord (Col 3:18), however, in spiritual matters Christ is your head not your husband. Men are not the head of women but husbands are the head of their wives (the relationship denotes the headship is concerning temporal matters). Christ is head of the Church (the relationship denotes Christ is the head of women concerning spiritual matters) and in Christ Jesus there is neither male or female (Gal 3:28).

5. Wives don’t nag your husbands. If they have been too busy to get something done that is important to you, and you have already asked them a number of times, try asking them after you have done something nice for them. Or ask if there is anything you can do to help them get started on their project. You will find this goes over much better then telling them “I have been asking for two months now to fix the leaking tap. When are you ever going to get this done? It is so hard to get you to do anything around here!”

6. Husband, thank your wife for each meal, when laundry is done and for how well your clothes have been folded, and when the home is cleaned and what a clean house she keeps. Wives, when you husband fixes something around the home thank him, and when he brings home his check tell him what a good provider he is.

7. Each day ask the other if there is anything you can do for them.

8. You both need to be patient with eachother’s weaknesses and faults. You should not make a practice of pointing out eachothers faults over and over. Remember that love will cover a multitude of faults. Deal with the other’s faults the way you want them to deal with yours.

9. Be always seeking what you can put into the marriage – not what you can get out of it.

10. Make a practice of trying to give into eachother when there are differences. That way when you really feel strong about something, your spouse will not have such a hard time giving into you.

11. Pray daily for each other and carry a burden for eachother’s spiritual welfare.

12. Have family devotions together each morning – even if it is only 5 or 10 minutes.

13. Keep a list of the things your spouse asks you to do on the cork board. When you spouse asks you to do something make sure you put it on your list and put a date beside it so you know how long it has been there. Cross off the items on the list as you do them. It is okay to offer to do something on your list if your spouse will do something on their list.

14. Never discuss each others past faults and mistakes in front of other people. While your spouse may laugh along with you and not say anything about it later, you may have hurt them deep down.

15. Don’t allow a disagreement to escalate into an argument and certainly not in public or in front of your children.

16. If you get into a charged disagreement with your spouse that digresses to a point where you are bringing up each others faults and failures, it is best to end the conversation with prayer and set a time to discuss the issue the following day. Before you enter into discussion you should lay some guidelines for resolving conflicts. You should also pray apart to make sure you have grace and then pray together before you start the discussion and ask God to give you both grace to conduct the discussion in a godly manner.

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31 Responses to “Tips for a Good Husband and Wife Relationship”

  1. 1. beng aguilar Says:

    Very helpful and inspiring.

  2. 2. shasun Says:

    very helpful to me

  3. 3. shasun Says:

    very helpful to every couple

  4. 4. ishmael Says:

    i learned from it…

  5. 5. ishmael Says:

    i learn from reading the tips

  6. 6. sonia Says:

    Very nice. I needed this. It helped me a lot

  7. 7. anitha Says:

    it was helpful for me and my husband…….

  8. 8. David Says:

    Yes, very wonderful advice. I’d only like to add one very important golden rule:

    - Tell your spouse “I love you” each and every single day.

    I cannot impress how important this is!!! More than anything else, do this! Do it every day!! And show your spouse how much you love him / her as well .. words only count for so much… actions count for much more! It’s just so critical!

    Love and best wishes to everyone

  9. 9. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi David,

    >>>- Tell your spouse “I love you” each and every single day.

    I made that #1.



  10. 10. nadia Says:

    This is very inspirational. I would also like to add one more thing. “Spouses must show respect and honor towards each other.” These days it is very hard to live a healthy Christian marital life but with Gods help… anything is possible.

    more marriage tips…
    Make God your number one priority
    encourage each other
    compliment and praise each others successes and thank God for them together
    pamper each other when one is ill or exhausted

    May God richly bless all Marriages:-)

  11. 11. M M Says:

    it is essential for everybody to read your tips every day

  12. 12. Natasha Says:

    thank you, thank you

  13. 13. Natasha Says:

    thank you.

  14. 14. Your Success Says:

    Husband and Wife relations devlops over a period of time,there are ups and down in life of a every person.In such situations Mutual Understanding,Care and last but not least ……….LOVE helps a lot to take relations to other vistas of Life.

    With Regards for a Health Relationships.

    Your Success

  15. 15. melogene lomocso Says:

    thanks for the tips and advice

  16. 16. Amj Says:

    Superb tips i love and like it very much……………..thanks a lot

  17. 17. Suganya Says:

    Hi o great tips i love it a lot lot lot it will be surely gona to be very useful superb thanks a lot and lot

  18. 18. sona Says:

    Great tips for a healthy relationship betweem couples. Trying to be the best wife but the source of our arguements and fight are cos of my MIL, dont know how to get rid of it. Seeking God’s help every single second to get rid of my short-tempered character.

  19. 19. bob Says:

    Hi Sona,

    Does MIL mean mother-in-law? Do you live with your mother-in-law or does she live with you? When you say the “source of our arguments” who do you mean by “our”, you and your husband?


  20. 20. milie Says:

    what if there faults are what is breaking the marriage. How can you keep quite day after day?

  21. 21. bob Says:

    Hi Milie,

    You can sit down with them and discuss your relationship. Start by asking them if there are things you can do different or that they would like you to change it. Then next week discuss the things with them that you would like them to do different. Take actions concerning the thing they want you to change it. Be an example.

    Marriage is a give and take. When all the other person wants to do is take then the marriage will not work.


  22. 22. Renae Strom Says:

    The message is very inspirational to me. However being married over 30 years and still dealing with a very selfish husband - it breaks my heart that we didn’t participant in these activities. Now there is so much strain between us it makes it very difficult for happy days. He is always concerned about his own welfare and rarely about others.

  23. 23. Nadia Datskiy Says:

    Hey Renae,

    I’m sorry to hear about the strain in your marriage but there is still hope for you! God is so mighty, powerful, and literally capable of doing anything! Do not give up hope but instead treat your husband with respect and do kind things for him. “One loving heart set on fire inflames the other” so you show him and give him all your love and eventually he will not be able to resist. Just keep praying for him and ask God to give you strength and patience. Also remember this always “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Good luck to you and may God bless and restore your marriage:-)

  24. 24. Rafold Says:

    AMEN! = ))

  25. 25. sorna Says:

    i want to follow this tips in each & every day. but my husband…… he is not accept anything. he always found out mistakes from others. even he is not interested to read this tips then how he can follow this. its my fate. anyway i want to tell about this tips to my friend dhanam.

  26. 26. bob Says:

    Hi Sorna,

    Most non-Christians can follow these tips if there spouse follows them also. Jesus noted that it is easy to love those who love you and this the religious hypocrites do also. But it really take true conversation and true grace to act lovely to the unlovely and if we don’t have that in our heart it is impossible. Pray for God to put it in your heart sister. Grab unto the promises of the Word of God and believe. When you fail confess it to your spouse even if they don’t confess their lacks.

    Lord bless you in this life, remember the next life is coming any day now — don’t miss it for the world!


  27. 27. joan Says:

    oh..this is so very helpful tips to each others couples and so inspiring to follow them and it will be amazing idea’s to do..i’am starting now to follow and obey it through the help of the bible and god’s word a family deserves a good and great bonding with god and should be. and iam praying and hoping but iam sure also this motive gonna work for us through all hindrances we facing each day in our life keep us posted in every tips you have and we that would be great for me and i thankful for this site.i will always visit here..keep goin’ for good purposes.godbless

  28. 28. bob Says:

    Hi Joan,

    Thanks you for your kind words. They make all the work I have put into this site a joy. It is such a blessing to write about good thoughts I read about or hear from preaching knowing that others will read the same things that have blessed me. To Jesus be all the glory for bringing us this glorious narrow, selfless, loving-Good-will-all-are-heart way.


  29. 29. Paul Says:

    Bro Bob, to let you know your articles are appreciated, I enjoy your site too, and tell people about certain articles, and post links for others to view the articles too. I also printed this particular article…

    Thanks for your effort.


  30. 30. Amy King Says:

    “Human nature tends to let down it’s guard and act it’s worst around those who we are most familiar with…”

    How can you take advice from people who are so dumb they can’t even tell the difference between ITS and it’s (it is)…?

  31. 31. bob Says:

    Hi Amy,

    >>>How can you take advice from people who are so dumb they can’t even tell the difference between ITS and it’s (it is)…?

    Some times it is difficult for those who are more cultured or have all there t’s and i’s crossed but I think the grace of God is there even for that. I grew up doing drugs, had a learning disability, and was very poor in spelling. I have over come a lot of that and my grammar and spelling is at least understandable.

    Thanks for pointing out the spelling error, I corrected it right away.


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