Oct 22

I have been thinking about the idea of small homes in relationship to my article Tips For Plain-Life Christians To Become Debt Free.

I have given up the newspaper and radio for now, but I usually check CNN.Com daily to keep track of U.S. and International news. Today in CNN’s Latest News, they have an article on Downsizing to a House the Size of a Shed.

CALISTOGA, California (CNN) — Bill and Sharon Kastrinos practice the ultimate in minimalism. They’ve squeezed into a 154-square-foot home that looks more like a kid’s playhouse than their previous 1,800-square-foot home. With the economy crashing, the Kastrinos traded in their spacious kitchen for one that stretches barely an arm’s length. It hasn’t been without its challenges, but Sharon Kastrinos says it’s exhilarating to no longer feel compelled to keep up with the Joneses.

“There’s a tremendous burden that’s off your shoulders,” she says. “Small is OK, and it might even be better.” Her husband adds that most Americans “want to be seen in their big house with a big car.” But not them, not anymore. “I don’t think bigger is better,” he says. Bill Kastrinos had been in the construction business in Southern California. But when the real estate market went bust, it forced the couple to reconsider their lifestyle.

Now, they live in a place so small, he and his wife use a ladder to climb into their bed every night. The downstairs has a sitting area, tiny kitchen and bathroom in a space that’s 98 square feet. The upstairs loft has a bed in 56 square feet of space. They keep extra clothes in their car.

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