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A Way To heaven… Reopened Through The Merits Of The Work Of Restoration The Way To Be Saved

Question: Does the Church of God Restoration believe that through their merits a the way to heaven is reopened or that through their merits a person can be saved?

Answer: Thank you for pointing this out this statement in Bro. Benjamin message and asking this question.

I listened to the message by Bro. Benjamin Tovstiga, Go On To Perfection, and here is the text around the sentence you have inquired about.

We greet you in the name of the Lord this evening. Very thankful for what God is doing in this end time. Very thankful for the people that he has prepared for himself. I feel tonight that Gods seeing the, the end of time nearing, and knowing that eternity is quickly encroaching upon us, has made, if we could say, this way, a way to heaven, I thank, yes, the way to heaven was prepared a long time ago but, in a certain sense he reopened, through the merits of the work of restoration, the way to be saved, to be eternally saved, to make it to heaven for eternity.

You Can Listen To It Below:

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It is hard to say where Bro. Benjamin is connecting “through the merits of the work of restoration” with the phrase before, “a way to heaven… reopened”, or the phrase after “the way to be saved”.

But which every phrase he was connecting his statement “the merits of the work of restoration” to, personally I think this was just a poor choice of words. While the Restoration preachers might say things like this from time to time and not retract them, this is not something they would typically release for public consumption.

I think the strange thing here is no one caught this and that they put this message up on their website.

Another thing here is it is not clear when the speaker uses the word “restoration” if he talking about the Church of God Restoration group or the restoring work they feel that the Church of God Restoration group is doing. It appears that the word is not used to refer to the restoration but to what they consider a restoring work as he doesn’t say “the Restoration”.

I have heard it preach by the R that the Restoration is the gate to heaven and that the denominations are the gate to hell. But never that one is saved by the merits of anything other that Jesus and his life, death, and resurrection.

I think the proper thing to do is give them the benefit of the doubt and to hope all things and think no evil (1Cor 13).

There are lots of unbiblical things about the Church of God Restoration so we don’t need to try to cook something up about them.

I will send Danny Layne a link to this article and brother Benjamin’s message will more than likely taken down and he will be told to be more careful in his selection of words.

Go On To Perfection

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