Feb 13

Friday The 13thToo funny! I just realized it was Friday the 13th.

I would like to say that I am not scared of Friday the 13th at all. God is in control.

Often when I walk down the street I purposely step on as many cracks as I can. When I see a ladder and it is safe, I will walk under it; and black cats don’t scare me either.

I am free, free, free, from superstition. I am also free from the foolish superstition that anyone that leaves or is put out of the Church of God Restoration sect (the R) will be lost or will not do well spiritually. Don’t believe it, it is a falsehood! I am doing better spiritually now, by the grace God, then when I was with them!

I have no fear of their bigoted, sectarian ministers who spew their “my way or the highway” one-true-visible-church sect teaching. Or as Danny Layne would put it, “get in, get out, or get run over” — and he means it!

I have no fear of those who are willing to pronounce doom on all who refuse to believe their little 10 to 15 congregations are the only true congregations in the world, and all others are of the devil.

I had no fear of the R’s ministers when I was with them and I have no fear of them now. By the grace of God I am free from the fear of the Restoration ministry, Friday the 13th, cracks, ladders, and black cats!

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