Jan 11

The Passion Of The ChristI have been wanting to watch The Passion Of The Christ for a long time. I was Googling around today and found The Passion Of The Christ for the iPhone for only $4.99. So I have downloaded and am just syncing it now. Then I will head to bed with my iPhone and weep my heart away.

This is going to be a very emotional evening. I have wept over reading the book “Photography From The Movie The Passion Of The Christ”.

I will be twittering my feelings as I watch the film. I also plan on taking screen shots of video scenes that touch me the most and perhaps doing an audio recording to attach to the screen shots.

2hr 06min — Oscar-winning actor-director Mel Gibson helms this controversial epic film that focuses on the last 12 hours of Jesus’s life — from the betrayal, trial and death of Jesus to his brutal Crucifixion and resurrection from the tomb. Starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Maia Morgenstern as Jesus’s mother and Monica Bellucci as Mary Magdalene, The Passion is spoken entirely in Latin and Aramaic, and the violent Crucifixion scenes are incredibly graphic.

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8 Responses to “The Passion Of The Christ Video On iPhone $4.99”

  1. 1. Jake Siemens Says:

    Greetings Brother Bob,

    Have you ever read Tozers thoughts on the “Christian Movie?” http://www.av1611.org/Passion/menace.html

  2. 2. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi brother Jake,

    No I have not read Tozers The Menace of the Religious Movie. I will try to fine time to give it a read and make some comments back. Would you like to point a short review of it in the comments?

    Christian love and prayers,


  3. 3. Jake Siemens Says:

    I’ll share a few quotes that stuck out to me that I thought were well put:

    “Deep spiritual experiences come only from much study, earnest prayer and long meditation. It is true that men by thinking cannot find God; it is also true that men cannot know God very well without a lot of reverent thinking. Religious movies, by appealing directly to the shallowest stratum of our minds, cannot but create bad mental habits which unfit the soul for the reception of genuine spiritual impressions.”

    In Speaking on the Hypocrisy of the Actor He says:

    “No one who has been in the presence of the Most Holy One, who has felt how high is the solemn privilege of bearing His image, will ever again consent to play a part or to trifle with that most sacred thing, his own deep sincere heart. He will thereafter be constrained to be no one but himself, to preserve reverently the sincerity of his own soul.”

    To the objection that there is nothing unscriptural about using a movie to get the truth of the gospel out, but it is rather just another method that God can use he says:

    “To this I reply: The movie is not the modernization or improvement of any scriptural method; rather it is a medium in itself wholly foreign to the Bible and altogether unauthorized therein. It is play acting—just that, and nothing more. It is the introduction into the work of God of that which is not neutral, but entirely bad. The printing press is neutral; so is the radio; so is the camera. They may be used for good or bad purposes at the will of the user. But play acting is bad in its essence in that it involves the simulation of emotions not actually felt. It embodies a gross moral contradiction in that it calls a lie to the service of truth.”

    This last quote is probably what has made me most uncomfortable about watching “Christian Movies”. The fact that these men and women, many of whom are professing Christ, are being someone that they are not. In essence they are lying and being hypocrites no matter how subtle it may seem to many. I just can’t , with a clear conscience, recommend the “Christian Movie” and Tozer has put words to my conviction.

  4. 4. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Jake,

    Thank you for those highlights of Tozer’s article. I am very open to consider these things and if I am in the wrong I will retract and repent.



  5. 5. Paul Says:

    Hello Bro. Bob.

    I really appreciate all of your Wonderful articles and how you have shared your experiences. Your site has really been a Blessing to me the last year +- and has encouraged me mentally and spiritually in many ways to serve the Lord and gain a deeper love for Jesus and his Word. Please keep up the good work!

    I wanted to relate to you my view on the Passion of the Christ Video.

    I am very Leery of watching or promoting such videos, please let me explain why;

    #1 I do not want to be guilty of supporting Hollywood with 1 cent, helping them make sales, or promoting them in any way because of the evils they promote, and spread.

    Also, my own experience with this movie is this; Back when this video was made many people in the liberal churches were saying how wonderful it was, and Hollywood was using other “Christian” things at the time for profit. People were telling my dad how wonderful this video was, even people who have very bad conduct, yet profess Christ, and do not his commandments, having a form of godliness that seems to deny Christ in deed and conduct.

    Anyway my dad would treat them nice, and say stuff to them like ” We really need revival” and try to be friendly and point them to Christ, etc. But to me he would say stuff like ” How are all these people fooled by that bunch of adulterers in Hollywood” etc.

    Back then Mel Gibson was a ” Great Conservative” and ” a Christian” etc. But about a year later Gibson had an extra-marital affair, and then divorced his wife, etc. This conduct brings a blight on the worlds view of Jesus Christ. As far as this goes, I do not want to have any part in the Hollywood emotions, whether or not the label “Christian” is tagged to their money-making wares of Vanity Fair.

    It is a bad example to the world, and to babes in Christ like me. This is my view and I really appreciate you and your “Web” Christian Witness. I enjoy your articles on Devotions, Prayer, Victory, Love for God, personal experiences, etc. Please Keep up the good work, and please pray for me that I will live for the Lord the rest of my life, be victorious, etc. “Sir I would see Jesus”

    Your baby brother in Christ. Stay Encouraged!!!!!

  6. 6. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing your view of Christian movies. I will prayerfully consider you points and if I can get further light on this subject I will recant, apologize, and repent. Have you read the piece by Tozer that bJake posted?

    Christian love and prayers,


  7. 7. Paul Says:

    Hi Bro Bob, I have not read the article, but I will try to look it over soon. I hope I was not harsh in sharing my view, if I was please forgive me. I am very biased against Hollywood, I am sure you understand why. Thanks, Paul

  8. 8. Bob Mutch Says:

    Hi Paul,

    No I didn’t think you are harsh at all.


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