Jun 11

HerbsSome sincere people tend to associate Herbalism and Naturopathy together. There is a lot of Herbalism in Naturopathy but the spiritual element of Naturopathy is not part of Herbalism and not every one realizes this.

Some Naturaopathy practices involved spiritual concepts that have to do with Qi – spiritual energy flow, Chakras – spiritual force centers, and Yin-Yang – opposing spiritual forces interconnected, that Christians should consider part of the occult and avoid.

Practices like Acupuncture (inserting needles in points that are situated on meridians which Qi the spiritual energy flows), Chromotherapy (believes in seven Chakras, spiritual force centers and seven corresponding colors), Reflexology (massaging of the feet and hands can improve health through one’s Qi or spiritual energy flow), and Traditional Chinese medicine (believes in Qi spiritual energy flow and Yin-Yang opposing interconnected spiritual forces) should be seen as part of the occult and avoided.

Using B&W Ointment, BF&C Powder, or burdock leaves for natural burn treatment is in no way associating yourself with the spiritual side of Naturopathy. I also think it is wrong to hold that using B&W Ointment, BF&C Powder, or burdock leaves for natural burn treatments is wrong by association, because some of the practitioners or product producers are involved in Naturopathy practices that going into the spiritual side.

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