Oct 31

Well October sure when fast. This is the 151st post I have written. The site has 238 pages in the Google index and 183 pages in the Yahoo Search index.

The site is ranking #3 in Google for the key phrase “More Christ Like” and #1 and #2 in Google for the key phrase “More Christlike”.

The site is also ranking #11 for “Church of God Restoration” up from #61 from last month. I hope to into the top 5 with this term in the next 3 months.

As you will see in the following graph, I have had an average of 90 visits a day this month (up from 34) and the unique visits for the month were 1306 up from 495.

I am still getting a blog post out a day. Mike Atnip has put all John Wesley�s sermons into booklet form and those should be going online soon.

Please pray that I will be a careful and faithful Christian, and that this little work of the Lord will be used to convert souls to Christ, enlighten those with a form of godliness to find deliverance from the bondage of sinning religion, and strengthen believers that are struggling in their Christian experience.

Christian love and prayers,

Bob Mutch

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