Oct 04

That was a fast two months for me and this blog. As of September 30th, the blog is 2 months old and this is the 110th post I have written. Google has 132 pages (up from 58 last month) from this site in their index (106 text pages, 25 photo’s, and one error page).

The site is ranking #10 (up from #15 last month) in Google for the key phrase More Christ Like out of 1,590,000 pages. The site is ranking #2 and #3 in Google for the key phrase More Christlike up from #5 last month.

The site is also ranking #62 for Church of God Restoration and #1 for Holiness Journal.

There is now 54 pages in the Yahoo Search index (up from 1 page), and 40 pages in the MS Live index (up from 0 pages).

As you will see in the following graph, I have had an average of 34 visits a day this month (up 35%), with each visitor reading an average of 18 pages (up 300%). Unique’s for the month where up 17% to 495.

I am still getting a blog post out a day. For a small gratuity, Orlena and Stuart Weaver are now editing all my posts for grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure – which has been a great help.

I have also hired Mike Atnip part-time to add content to the site. Mike will be starting by putting all of John Wesley’s sermons into booklet form. They will be posted in the Resources page, and they will be available to download and print out into 12/16/20 page 5.5″ x 8.5″ booklets like The Great Privilege of Those That are Born of God.

After that is done, the plan is to add about 1000 hymns using Scorch software. Here is a sample from Mark Spink’s Timeless Truths website where he uses the same software.

I am also considering putting a number of books and booklets from Evening Light Reformation authors in PDF.

Please pray that I will be a careful and faithful Christian, and that this little work of the Lord (this blog) will be used to convert souls to Christ, enlighten those with a form of godliness to find deliverance from the bondage of sinning religion, and strengthen believers that are struggling in their Christian experience.

Your servant,

Bob Mutch

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