Aug 30

Well it has been quite a month for both me and for this blog. Today the blog is 30 days old and this is the 60th post I have written. Google has 58 page from this site in their index (34 text pages, 23 photo’s, and one error page). The site is ranking #15 in Google for the key phrase More Christ Like out of 2,140,000 pages and if I put More Christ Like in quotes the site is rankings #5 out of 61,000 for that term.

I hope to get to #1 position for the term “More Christ Like” with in the next 3 months. Although the stats shows that Search Yahoo! and MS Live spiders have been crawling this site, the site is still not showing up in either of their indexes.

The site has been taking up a lot of my time as I have made a commitment to myself to do a post a day. Typically, I have 2 or 3 articles written ahead of time and I schedule them to be posted at 6am each morning.

The nice thing about writing a daily article is that I am getting extra time in my Bible which has been a big blessing! The other thing is that writing daily articles give me a good selection of material to use in the monthly More Christ Like Holiness Journal that I am publishing.

As you will see in the following graph, I have had on an average 22 visits a day this month with each visitor reading an average of 6 pages. In the last week my average visits has gone to 53 visitors a day with each of them reading 17 pages a day (keep in mind there are 10 articles on the main blog pages).

I published the first copy of the More Christ Like Holiness Journal on August 27th and have print around 200 of them so far. And I have printed around 400 of the How To Be More Christ Like booklet which I just updated from 12 to 16 pages on August the 27th.

The traffic to this site has been coming from the booklets I have been passing out to friends and tract work which I have been posting on bulletin boards. Plus, I am getting some traffic from the COGCM Web Discussion Forum as I put a link to this site in my forum signature.

I want to thank all the people who are praying for me and have voiced their concern on how I am doing by visit, phone, and email. With the help of the Lord, I want to say I am doing very good in the Lord and I am very encouraged to live for the Lord and be all that he wants me to be.

Please pray that I will be a careful and faithful Christian and that this little work of the Lord (this blog) will be used to convert souls to Christ, to enlighten those with a form of godliness to find deliverance from the bondage of sinning religion, and to strengthen believers that are struggling in their Christian experience.

Your servant,

Bob Mutch

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