Feb 16

Dwayne Steiner KellyOh what will I do,
With this mess that I am in.
My life is not going right,
My heart is full of sin.

I got off the narrow way,
And can’t find my way back.
I’m slipping deeper and deeper in sin,
I’m completely off the track.

Got mixed with this girl,
And I don’t know what do.
I’ve been trying to give her up,
It’s so hard to go through.

I still hear Jesus calling,
Warning me every day.
I got better life for you,
And a better place to stay.

Some times I feel so mad,
Just want to left alone.
I still keep hearing his voice,
Calling me come home.

Oh Jesus won’t you help me,
I just can’t do it alone.
I’ve tried so many times,
The number makes me groan.

Some times I tend to think,
Perhaps it’s not for me.
Then I catch a ray of light,
Calling me to flee.

So I look upward one more time,
And listen for the call.
The one that will make me last,
And save me from this fall.

Lord you Know I have no strength,
You’ll have to help me out.
Save me from the love of sin,
And all of my sinful doubt.

I don’t know how you’ll do it,
But I’m open to your plan.
Just tarry a little longer,
Before you come again.

I don’t want to be lost,
And can’t seem to be found.
My world is all spinning,
Round and round and round.

Help me make the right choices,
So I don’t plunge deeper in sin.
And get in so much trouble,
My heart your never win.

Get your children praying,
Praying for my soul.
Pleading for mercy from heaven,
Get back what Satan stole.

Protect me from the devil,
He’s trying to drag me down.
Down to a devil’s hell,
Where light is never found.

And help me to call out,
And ask for help again.
To be willing to put sin aside,
And flee Satan’s den.

I know the longer I say,
The hard it will be.
Please work out circumstances,
So I’ll be willing from sin to flee.

I don’t know what else to say,
I’ve said it all before.
Just please help me to be saved,
Before you shut the door.
–Bob Mutch

I was chatting on Facebook with Dwayne Steiner-Kelly who is backsliden and I wrote him this poem on chat. Seemed like it touched his heart and he still seems to be tender. He amened most of the verses.

I know he has heard it all before but at least I got some good out of writing it. He’s mixed with a women that has been married before and he needs our prayers. Please pray for him even if you don’t know him.

He used to attend the Conservative Mennonites in Corinth. Any way if you known him please pray for him. You can call him 807-852-4512.

I know if you see this Dwayne you may not like but I love you brother and want to see you get help. If I messed up I want want others to do what ever they could to help me. I know you not happy in sin and when you back with the Lord you will thank me.

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One Response to “The Backsliders Prayer”

  1. 1. Jake Siemens Says:

    I tried to text him but the number doesn’t seem to work.

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