May 03

Textus ReceptusDavid Bercot has a large number of teaching CDs at Scroll Publishing Co, and I enjoy his style of teaching and have found them informative.

This evening I listened to his teaching on the Textus Receptus Greek text (the Greek text the King James Version was translated from) and Early Christian Writings, and I feel it was so informative that I wanted to share it.

Textus Receptus & Early Christian Writings (First 15:00 of 1:08:21)

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I emailed Scroll Publishing Co, which holds the copyright for all of David Bercot’s message CDs, and requested permission to put this recording up on my blog after I first posted this review. Their copyright policy is to refuse permission, but after a few emails and their contacting David Bercot’s with my request, I was approved to put the first 15 minutes up. Per the Scroll Publishing Co. request, I have changed the above audio file so it has the first 15 minutes of the message instead of the total 68 minutes long.

I would strongly suggest every one to purchase this CD so they will have factual information on how to deal with KJV-only people, who claim the KJV (King James Version) is the only Bible and all other versions leave out many portions of scriptures, even though historical evidence indicates that it is the Textus Receptus text and the KJV translation that adds them in.

The CD teaching also deals with the position that the Textus Receptus Greek text, from which the KJV was translated, is the only correct Greek text and hence all English translations of the Bible from the Westcott-Hort or Nestle-Aland Greek texts have left portions of the Bible out.

The Textus Receptus and Early Christian Writings CD can be purchased for $4.95.

Bercot is informative and balanced on this subject. Here is the description from his website on this teaching CD.

Many Christians today believe the Critical Text is the most accurate New Testament text. Others say that the Textus Receptus (the text used for the King James Version) is the providentially preserved pure Word of God. What light do the early Christian writings shed on these issues? Plenty!

Here is a candid look at what the early Christian writings reveal about New Testament text. The testimony of their writings is quite clear—yet the answers provided by this testimony is not as simplistic as many Christian think.

Among the topics Bercot discusses in this message are:

–The Greek text used by the early Christians
–How Origen affected the New Testament text
–The history of the Textus Receptus

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3 Responses to “Textus Receptus & Early Christian Writings”

  1. 1. Paul Says:


    I really like much of Bercot’s stuff. I ordered a good bit from Scroll P. about 1 year ago, after finding the site which has a lot of good info too.

    When growing up my dad and most other people I were around were KJV only, or to say the least, very KJV biased. But now my dad is starting to understand more as I learn and share!!!

    I have about 10 different versions (Mostly from thrift stores), and also use the free bibles on internet. ALSO it was wile researching about KJV errors that I found your site!!!

    I read KJV along with other versions, and my favorite version that I have is the 1952 RSV because of all of the footnotes, etc. I plan to order more from Scroll soon.

    I appreciate your site!!


  2. 2. bob Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Yes, I used to be KJV only also until I started to research things.

    Glad you are getting a bit of good from the site.


  3. 3. Dean Wilson Says:


    I enjoy the teaching CD’s of Bercot. I have found his CD on Baptism especially helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who has questions on the subject.

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